Q. What is your hourly rate?
A. $110 hourly for 2 men, moving pads, dollies, tools and equipment. Please visit my rates page for more details and my terms of service.
Q. How much do you charge for additional movers?
A. $25 hourly is charged for each additional mover.
Q. How much will my move cost?
A. The amount and difficulty of items to be moved, how well you have packed and prepared the home and the distance of your move will determine the total cost. I am able to provide very accurate estimates by using the information that you provide about your move.
Q. When do you start charging your hourly rate?
A. I charge from portal to portal. The hourly rate starts when we get on the road to the job and ends when we have returned to Santa Rosa.
Q. Will you guarantee a flat rate for my move?
A. No. I am very good at estimating how long a move will take but I will not offer flat rates. The exception to this would be for very small or single item deliveries.
Q. Do you accepts checks or credit cards?
A. No. Cash payment only. I do not accept personal checks or credit cards. I may be willing to accept a check under certain circumstances if requested beforehand.
Q. Do you have references?
A. Yes. Please visit my testimonials page for a list of reference phone numbers and customer testimonials.
Q. Do you provide packing services?
A. Yes. I can professionally pack your entire home or just specific rooms and items. If you prefer to pack yourself please visit my packing page for helpful tips on correct packing practices and box usage.
Q. How much notice do you need to book a job?
A. The more notice you are able to provide the more likely I will be available to help with your move. I will do my best to accommodate your schedule regardless of how much notice you can provide.
Q. Do you do out of state moves?
A. No. I normally work within a 100 mile radius of Santa Rosa CA. I am available to load your own rental truck for a safe long distance move.
Q. Can I rent the moving truck myself?
A. Yes. I will deliver crew and equipment to and from the job sites. I will not drive the rental truck.
Q. Do I need to rent dollies and moving pads?
A. No. I own all the equipment to complete your move. In cases where the truck is being loaded for a long distance move you will need to provide moving pads and rope tie to secure the load. This is also the case when loading POD & storage containers. You may want to rent a dolly if you are planning to unload the truck yourself but I will provide the dollies for loading it.